Alford Adds Absen LED To The Inventory

Alford Adds Absen LED To The Inventory

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We’re excited to announce that we’ve made a significant purchase of Absen X2v LED panels to add to our inventory. With the continued evolution and image quality improvements of LED we’ve found a product that we can trust to bring our clients shows to life.

Absen X2v LED

Our choice in this specific LED panel is its quality and versatility. With a 2.6mm pixel pitch, it’s perfect for a custom, center widescreen or great for accent walls as well. This pixel pitch also allows for these panels to transition well between indoor and outdoor environments without losing brightness or image quality.

Some Features of the Absen X2v LED Panels:

  • Perfect images, sharp color and brightness uniformity
  • Higher grayscale at lower brightness
  • Flicker free 3840Hz refresh rate
  • Build HD and 4K resolution screens
  • Create unlimited concave curves
  • Create up to 5° convex curves

The Absen X2v LED panels offer crystal clear, bright images with no flicker. Capable of building full HD or 4K resolution screens, this makes for the perfect center screen. The ability to create unlimited concave curves and up to 5° convex curves expands the innovative designs you can incorporate in your show with these screens.

To learn more about our LED options or to use them at your next event contact your Alford Sales Coordinator.




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