Intimate Replica for an Immersive Experience

Intimate Replica for an Immersive Experience

General Session Our client approached us to replicate a design of a larger event we were planning together to be a scaled down version for executives only. They wanted a similar look at one-third the size. Using renderings provided by our client and the site survey from the venue our Project Manager, Robert Bennett, collaborated with our client to make equipment suggestions to build the show.

At the large event, media was to be displayed on a 15×110 foot widescreen with projection. For this event it was decided to use a 4 mil, 10×25 foot LED screen. With the small size of the venue and the brightness and clarity of the LED screen it allowed for the audience to be captivated by the graphics on screen. In addition, rather than use drape, as was planned for the large event, we chose to use skrim with uplighting surrounding the entire space. This created an intimate feel and a fully immersive experience for the audience.

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