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Custom LED Wall and Careful Rigging

While drafting the design and erasing horizontal sections of the screen, the idea to separate the center LED panels was created.  READ MORE

Riedel MediorNet Comms

Strategic Signal Distribution with Riedel MediorNet

A venue lacked the necessary fiber-optic infrastructure for an event. Alford used MediorNet to overcome the challenges of the space. READ MORE

Immersive Event

Intimate Replica for an Immersive Experience

Our client approached us to replicate a design of a larger event we were planning together to be a scaled down version for executives only. READ MORE

Visual Effect

Hologram Effect with Holo-gauze

One of our clients wanted a hologram effect for the client’s event during a presentation. Using hologauze and precise projection and lighting we created this effect for them. READ MORE

LED Accent Walls

Widescreen and LED Accent Walls

Our client wanted to add LED walls to allow for more graphics and brighten the space, but also wanted a contemporary look. We suggested the concave, LED walls to add depth and offset the very large, center widescreen. READ MORE


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