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Alford Media Conference
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Alford Media Conference
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Alford Media Conference

At Alford, Burgundy is not just our company color it's how we describe our values, our people, and our culture. To be Burgundy, is to exemplify the traits and characteristics of an Alford employee, like strong work ethic, professional, humble, and caffeinated. To learn all the Burgundy characteristics click the Be Burgundy link under our values.

Our Values

Supreme Support

The Right Solutions

Challenges Welcome

Truly Trustworthy

Winning Differences

Exceptional but Humble

Total Respect

The Journey Matters


Our People

Our employees all have the superior skills and experience for the job, but what really sets them apart is their ability and willingness to go above and beyond. We have go-getters, overachievers, and plain rock stars here, all of whom exhibit our Burgundy values. It’s an exciting environment where people communicate and work together across departments to help make each show better. We not only cultivate a team mentality, but we’ve built a community of talented professionals and given them room to grow. We can assure you whether it’s on show site, in our warehouse, or in the office we’re working as a cohesive unit to deliver a great show.