Our Story

Alford Media was founded in Dallas in 1984 by Steve Alford. Steve began his career as a disc jockey for a local radio station in high school. He then went on to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Radio, TV and Film. While working in the television field, he discovered multi-image slide programming, a new technology at the time, that allowed him to create innovative slides and effects with little assistance. He pursued his Master’s degree in Industrial Technology and as fate would have it, his advisor was the founder of a new group called the Association of Multi-Image. While completing his degree, he was producing and programming slide shows for corporate events.

Multi-image evolved into multi-media and before long Steve was traveling the country as a multi-media programmer. In 1984 he started doing business as Alford Media Services, programmed more multi-media shows than anyone in the country, and Alford Media Services was on its way to being the best staging company in the U.S.

While Steve was programming shows around the country, Tom Alford, Steve’s brother, had received his Bachelor's in Business and moved to Dallas. He started working in the AV industry as a projectionist. Tom quickly moved from being an onsite tech to rental manager at a local company. As the industry grew and technology evolved, Steve partnered with Tom and good friend Danny Harris, and in 1989 Alford Media Services was incorporated.

Since Alford Media’s incorporation the industry has changed tremendously. No more slides, videotapes, and audio cassettes. Everything’s digital. What hasn’t changed is the need for tireless, talented technicians who are dedicated to doing anything and everything necessary to make sure the show is flawlessly executed and the clients’ dreams and expectations are exceeded. It takes the right people with the right attitude and this is what has always, and continues to set Alford Media apart.

Alford Media Services has grown from a very small group of dedicated professionals to over 80 full-time staff and more than 200 vetted freelancers. Alford now stages over 300 events annually across 30 states. While the company continues to grow, our standards and values are stronger than ever. Our goal is always to find those with the skill set for the job, but more importantly the right people with a personality and work ethic that fits into Alford's culture, we call that Burgundy.

We’ve been awarded many honors over the years including, Outstanding Family Owned Business in Texas by the Family Institute of Baylor University, Rental & Staging Systems Award for Best Overall Staging for a Corporate or Association Event, the Spotlight Award from Event Solutions Magazine for Technical Support Company of the Year, the Obelisk Award by the Dallas Business Council for the Arts, and named one of the Top 100 Places to work in DFW by the Dallas Morning News several years in a row. Above that, our clients have won hundreds of awards over the years on shows that we support. We take great pride in bringing our clients' ideas to life and helping them achieve success.

Steve and Tom are still active in the day to day operations at Alford Media. They thrive on the ability to mentor fresh talent and introduce them to this ever-changing industry. "We’ll continue to lead in advancing new technology to show sites and accepting the challenges of our clients to go beyond the easy task and ask how to do something that’s never been done before. Our deepest commitment remains to provide professional technicians who are empowered to deliver the highest level of event technology support in the business." - Steve Alford