Customer Service – Listening & Observing

Month: August 2014

August 15, 2014

Customer Service – Listening & Observing

I realized that customer service is intertwined with how I choose to live my life. It’s not something I turn on when I get to work and then turn off at the end of the day. I believe that everyone is either a current customer, a future customer or someone that could just use a friendly greeting. READ MORE

Blake Taylor

August 13, 2014

Customer Service – Trust & Respect

I believe it is very important when working directly with customers to quickly identify their needs and concerns. The quicker you can understand their situation or goals the more successful your working relationship will be. READ MORE

Jim Carter

August 13, 2014

Customer Service – Inside & Out

In the business world, customer service is crucial. The ability to provide exemplary service to clients can directly impact success or failure; for an employee, a single show, or even an entire company. READ MORE


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