6 Ways to Use Live Streaming at Your Event

6 Ways to Use Live Streaming at Your Event

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Live streaming your event on social media or other platforms has become a popular trend in audience engagement. Event planners know the many ways in which live streaming can be utilized, yet, there are multiple techniques that can be revamped and freshly executed. Let’s take a look at 6 ways you can generate more interest in your event through live streaming.


1. Live Stream Behind the Scenes

This is a perfect way to garner attention before, during, and after the event to attract more online attendees. Give a sneak peek of what the event design will be by giving a live tour of the ballrooms or trade show booths as they are going up. Or, interview  event planners as they explain what keynotes or breakout sessions are available at their upcoming event.

2. Live Stream Guests Arrival

At the start of an event, you could put cameras in place to showcase the flow of attendees arriving to the venue through a livestream feed. This is especially appealing when the entrance is part of the event design.

3. Live Stream an Impressive Introduction

Perhaps you have a distinguished speaker scheduled, take the opportunity to build the anticipation and hype by live streaming their journey to the venue or walking onto an impressive stage through a uniquely constructed tunnel.

4. Live Stream the Keynote Speaker

Live streaming the keynote speaker can draw in a lot of online participation. Utilize the opportunity to keep your online audience after the talk by hosting a post-keynote interview with the speaker. This often adds a personal touch and can be recorded for later viewing on your website.

5. Live Stream a Product Announcement

If your event is part of an unveiling of a new product or service, be sure to capture that moment in real time. This is a great way to showcase the product’s capabilities and design, by streaming the demo live. Again, this can be shared later on your website to further the excitement around your new product.

6. Live Stream a Q & A Session

As a great way to engage your audience, event organizers are more often using social media to facilitate the Q & A portion of a discussion or panel. The speaker can see the flow of questions from the participants and answer them as they come in. Often for this, it is best to have a dedicated social media moderator, perhaps in conjunction with a social media wall for a more visual effect.

Whether you want to enhance your online engagement, recruit more attendees, or share your new product, live streaming is a great way to get connected with your event participants. If you have any questions about how we can help you incorporate live streaming into your next event, contact us by clicking on the icon below.


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