A Conversation And Q&A With Tom And Steve Alford

A Conversation And Q&A With Tom And Steve Alford

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Steve Alford, President, and Tom Alford, Executive Vice President, of Alford Media talk about the events industry, evolving technology and what makes Alford Media successful. They also answered the burning questions listeners wanted to know.

Over 35 years in the events industry, Alford Media has experienced the evolution and changes in the industry. Steve said the industry is trending up over the past ten years, and technology continues to change. “The big challenge today,” Tom said, “is finding new and exciting ways to present information that grabs people’s attention.”

What do Tom and Steve think are the next big technological trends in the industry? Steve believes 5G will play an important role in increased speed and bandwidth in ballrooms and event spaces. Tom said there is now a backward trend in the utilization of lower resolution LED; people who want bigger screens at a lesser price-point. Due to advances in technology, lasers are now cheaper than before, which Tom sees as an old trend becoming a new one.

In terms of what makes their organization successful, both agreed it is the people working at Alford Media that are the difference-makers in providing exceptional service and results for their customers. . As Tom put it, “If you don’t have the right people in place, all the best tech in the world isn’t going to get you there.”

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