AJA Ki Pro Quick Fix

AJA Ki Pro Quick Fix

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AJA Ki Pro’s have a setting that will completely mess up your world if you are unfamiliar with what it is.  According to AJA, they are removing this option in the next software update.


The setting I am referring to is under the Media button and is labeled “19.3 Use Custom Clip Take.”  This should ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS be set to ON.  What this setting does is, when you hit record it will use the custom name you assign for the file name.  It will also add a number or letter to the end of the file, append (different setting).  The reason 19.3 ALWAYS has to be ON is that if you leave it in the OFF position, when you hit record, it will record a file without a number or letter. That is not a problem until you want to stop recording and start another recording (ie. after a lunch break). If 19.3 is set to OFF, when you hit record the second time it will start to write a file with the same name as the previous one. This is BAD!! The second recording will then overwrite the previous recording, losing whatever you had recorded before permanently.


Once again, Please forward this on to your friends who might need this knowledge.



Bill Brady

Manager of Video Services

Alford Media