Alford Access is Now Live

Alford Access is Now Live

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Alford Media is excited to announce that Alford Access is now live! We announced the beta version in July and after optimizing the platform we are now inviting all our clients and potential clients to join Alford Access.

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With Alford Access, you’ll only need to look one place for live, real-time access to your show. Our user-friendly dashboard is available 24/7 with access to data like your budget and equipment list, the crew list and contact information, venue information, and any related files. Alford Access makes it easy to contact your Account Manager and the crew, ask questions, make change requests, and gather all the information you need for building your show.

You can use Alford Access throughout the entire planning process, from your first proposal through the show strike. One of the great benefits is knowing that your entire crew, staff and freelancers, all have the same information further ensuring accuracy and efficiency. This also allows you to easily collaborate with everyone involved with your event all in one place.

Alford Access - Additional Detail

One of the best attributes of Alford Access is the open and transparent real-time updates for any changes or comments made by you, your Account Manager, or your crew. You can leave comments requesting information or changes and see our Sales and Operations teams update the status on those comments. We also have a great feature, Additional Detail, that when clicked will explain the benefits and uses of a piece of equipment or package.

While we would love for you to utilize all of Alford Access’ many tools, we encourage you to try it even if you simply want to view a budget or find a crew member’s contact information. It is developed so that it is scalable and flexible for how you want to work.

Alford Access is the most advanced and open client communications tool of its kind within the event tech industry. It allows you to collaborate with your entire team, Sales, Ops, and Show Site, from concept to completion while overseeing the entire process.

To sign up for Alford Access, click here.

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