Alford Adds Vari-Lite 2600 Series

Alford Adds Vari-Lite 2600 Series

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We are proud to present the Vari-Lite 2600 Profile and 2600 Wash, two of three luminaires designed as the LED generation update for the popular VL2500 Series. Expanding on the color range of the VL2500, these offer a broader choice of saturated colors whilst maintaining the familiar Vari-Lite color palette. Including dedicated Wash and Profile fixtures, the VL2600 range combines Vari-Lite quality and performance with the latest LED technology. Compact, lightweight, fast and accurate, the VL2600 Series is engineered to be easy to use, prep, maintain, and deliver the best possible package to your event.

VL2600 Profile

VL2600 Profile

The VL2600 Profile is the top choice for profile lighting at any event, producing 19,000 lumens of high color temperature, and high contrast light output from its state-of-the-art 550W light engine.

With a wide zoom range of 7° – <48° this is the perfect mid-sized profile without sacrificing any light output. Creativity goes further with the VL2600 Profile using its iris, two gobo wheels, one fixed color wheel, prism and variable frost. This makes it incredibly versatile bringing custom lighting elements for all event designs.

Vari-Lite 2600 Wash

VL2600 Wash

The VL2600 Wash is perfect for covering general areas of your event, with its leading zoom range of 12° to 63°, 7-color fixed wheel, and beam-shaping framing system. Correctly washing specific areas of your event is easier than ever with the internal, beam-shaping framing system, 22,000 lumens, as well as an adjustable beam edge for PC or Fresnel.

Main features of the Vari-Lite 2600 Profile and Wash include:

  • Lower power consumption – approximately 820W (550W LED engine)
  • High color temperature – 7200 CCT
  • Fast and accurate movement (FP=3s, FT=2s)
  • Good color rendering
    • CRI 81
    • TM30 Rf/80 Rg/94
  • Color mixing – CMY + variable CTO
  • DMX 512, RDM compatible
Vari-Lite 2600 Profile

For more information about the Vari-Lite 2600 Series of products, or to use them at your next event, contact your Alford Account Manager or contact our sales team.

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