Alford Brings Participant Experience To The Forefront

Alford Brings Participant Experience To The Forefront

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Since Alford Media began, we have been a driving force in finding new ways to elevate events in the eyes of attendees. The audience’s experience has always been a vital factor in any event, but as technology has evolved and attention spans have shortened engaging attendees is more important than ever. Participant experience and creating immersive events have become a centralized focus in the events industry. Now, attendees are not simply watching an event, but they want to be a part of it. We’ve added Participant Experience as a new service to not only get your audience’s attention, but keep it as well.

Participant Experience

We have the products and experience to keep your attendees’ focus on your content and help create a memorable experience to keep them coming back. Our Participant Experience services and products offer a variety of exciting new options, from the digital with second-screen apps to the tactile with fun, captivating technology, to keep your audience active and engaged. Think about using one or all of these new options at your next event.

With our custom SlideMark™ System, your audience won’t have to take pictures on their phones in order to get important information or content from your presentations. Our low bandwidth, app lets your attendees bookmark slides and make notes directly on their phones, so they can get your content without hassle immediately following the event. We can also share the data with you! Allowing you to see what interested your audience the most.

If audio streaming is an important part of your event, Interactio is the solution. With this app you can take the hassle of long lines and clunky headphones out of your event, as well as create opportunities for seamlessly streaming translation. Interactio will make sure your attendees are comfortable, allowing them to stream your audio using their own phone or tablet devices and personal headphones.

When it comes to more tangible participant experiences, Alford can help here too. Get your audience active and engaged with CatchBox. This cushioned, covered microphone can be passed around the audience safely during Q&A or other sessions that allow your attendees to have a voice and stay involved in the discussion.We know that audience engagement is a necessary part of any event, and with our products, you can ensure your attendees will be immersed in your event and continue coming back to experience more.

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