Alford Focuses on Visual Effects

Alford Focuses on Visual Effects

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For the past 35 years Alford Media has specialized in video, ever evolving and changing. We’ve learned so much over the years and experimented with a vast number of visual techniques and tricks. As this trend has continued to increase even more with requests for special projects and wow factor add-ons at events, we’ve identified this as a new focus with more innovations to come. With this knowledge and expertise we’ve decided to add a new service to our list, Visual Effects. 

When you need to add a sense of visual wonder to an event, we know what gets the job done. Our wide range of visual effects services will keep your audience awestruck and wanting to share their experience with others. We offer a wide range of options from holographic effects with Nebula Net and LED Displaysspecialized projection mapping, graphic effects, cold pyro, 3D Digital Signage to custom projects in which we’ll realize any vision you can dream up.

We’re extremely excited to announce this new service option and hope you’ll take advantage at your next event.

For more information about our Visual Effects offerings or to incorporate in your next event, contact your Alford Account Manager or contact