Alford Outside of the Ballroom: Higher Education

Alford Outside of the Ballroom: Higher Education

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Alford is widely recognized for our corporate conferences and events. However, we are also known to work with many other types of organizations and events. One area of specialization we’ve dealt considerably with is universities. Whether for recruiting exercises, alumni and legacy events, anniversary celebrations, or any other special occasions, Alford has been there.

Let’s explore some memorable university events that we’ve helped generate in recent years, featuring our work for Southern Methodist University, Princeton, and the University of Chicago.

SMU Quad

SMU: A long-lasting and Fruitful Partnership

Alford’s partnership with SMU has stretched back for more than 20 years and over 200 events. In that time, we have consistently generated innovative solutions and delivered outstanding service and support to the university. Some noteworthy examples of our work with SMU include:

The SMU Centennial Celebration

This celebration stretched across multiple locations on the Dallas campus, soon after the start of the new academic year. Since the event was on such a large scale, our technical team required working from a control center in SMU’s basement. From there, we also handled all aspects of the Centennial Commemoration Ceremony which was enjoyed by students and alumni alike.

50th Anniversary of the Meadows Museum 

This event at the Dallas campus involved everything from a ribbon cutting and fireworks to flamenco dancers and a musical theater student competition. Highlighting the museum’s architecture in SMU red, we used an array of up-lighting to create a festive mood. Since the museum was the main focus, our technical team took measures to be out of site and let the show shine.

Dalai Lama Visit

Dalai Lama visits SMU

A recent visit by the 14th Dalai Lama to the Moody Coliseum at the Dallas campus meant we had to develop a top-notch event for an experienced public speaker and a large, especially interested crowd. Alford handled all technical aspects such as video projection, lighting, and wireless mics. The result was an engaging discussion and flawless technical execution behind the scenes.

Princeton: Success at the Alumni and Legacy Celebration

Being that Princeton’s Alumni and Legacy Celebration is such a prestigious annual event, Alford was well in line with how to cater to the prominent alumni. We worked with Princeton to make certain its celebration was Princetonremarkable for all attendees. And with more than 1,000 alums and friends of the university gathering to celebrate the success of a major fundraising effort, it was important that each guest had a great view of the show.

In order to execute the dynamic alumni event, Alford spent months planning the perfect display for audio, visual, lighting, and communication. The celebration required a stage view from each side of the arena, so our set-up included the use of two double-sided, 60-by-30 foot screens. This style also created the perfect structure for the universities live performers including, break-dancers, South Asian folk dancers, and the Triangle Club theatre troupe. To close out the evening, a gathering of a cappella groups performed the Princeton school song, “Old Nassau.”

University of Chicago: A Touring Event

Our work with the University of Chicago spanned across five cities as part of a major recruitment campaign. Starting off the touring event in Mendel Hall at U of C’s South Side campus, the campaign ultimately reached coast to coast. We traveled to Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

With the school seeking such high-level applicants for future enrollment, a great kick-off event was a critical early step in the recruitment process. We worked with the university to design displays for some of the school’s departments as well as their own economic impact on the country.University of Chicago

Our two-sided screens standing at 80 inches tall were used as floor stands to display study abroad advertisements. Alford was also responsible for the speaker system and wireless mics, which were used by presenters hosting Q&A sessions. Alford’s technical team made sure all aspects of the multi-city tour went off without a hitch.

So, although Alford is known for corporate work, we have ample experience in many diverse structures and settings. When considering an event or show, Alford has the ability to realize your vision, no matter what.

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