Alford Outside of the Ballroom: Outdoor Events

Alford Outside of the Ballroom: Outdoor Events

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As you’ve recently learned, Alford has long expanded from the ballroom into all forms of event spaces, including the great outdoors. When working outside of a structured building, we have many more challenges to contend with. Considering additional circumstances such as weather, terrain, and acoustics are all part of that deliberation.

Fortunately, the success of former outdoor events displays the experience, planning, and problem-solving skills all of our project managers and technical staff pride themselves on.


Boy Scouts of America National Scout Jamboree 2010 …

The National Scout Jamboree is by far the biggest event the Boy Scouts hosts, culminating only once every four years. Of course, with Scouting so focused on the development of youths through a variety of outdoor experiences, it’s no surprise the Jamboree was held in direct contact with nature.

Alford was certainly up to the challenge of executing such a large-scale event, which paid off when it was announced the most-attended Jamboree in nearly 40 years. To accommodate for the substantial gathering, we worked to design four large scaffolding towers to house the PA systems. These 150-by-200-ft towers were also used as focal points for projected images and Boy Scouts symbols. Massive events such as this are where our crews and project managers shine through, creating an excellent atmosphere for everyone in attendance.


… And 2017

With the success of the 2010 Jamboree under our belts, we were ready to return to help craft another first-rate show for the Boy Scouts in 2017. While the name remained the same, the venue was an entirely new one. Following the 2010 event, the Scouts moved to the Summit Bechtel Reserve, near Beckley, West Virginia. Alford’s tech crews were once again there to support the video projection, PA systems, and stage lighting. A location purpose-built for Jamborees and a gigantic stage at the AT&T Summit Stadium allowed us to successfully execute a wide variety of events, from concerts to live speakers.


Perot Museum Opening

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is just entering its second decade as a unified institution in Dallas, but it’s already a major part of the city’s arts and culture scene. With roots dating back to the 1930s, it has a lot of history on its side.

The opening of the museum’s Victory Park campus in 2012 was set off with a major event called Night at the Museum: Discover the Perot. We were responsible for projecting a 150-by-100-ft. custom video on the side of the new museum. The creative concept, developed by local Dallas agency 900lbs of Creative, used the canvas of the museum to create a diorama effect and tell a unique story for each of the 11 exhibit halls within.

It was up to us to get all the technical aspects of the projection in line. From accounting for the many slight variations on the museum’s surface to ensuring the projection appeared with the exact intended dimensions, it was a tall order. Our highly skilled team ensured successful execution and a unique and exciting introduction to the new campus.


AARP Event

AARP 50th Anniversary

The American Association of Retired Persons is one of the most influential groups in the country, having more than 37 million members. For its 50th anniversary in 2008, as GoVision noted, we made sure the event – with more than 10,000 people at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., – went off without a hitch.

One of the major features of the event were extremely large-scale jumbo screens intended to ensure every single guest could see the event. Because the celebration happened during the day, we helped put the best possible LED screens in place for maximum visibility, while also making sure audio was heard by all attendees. GoVision is one of our more unique vendors, as they produce portable screens that are attached to trucks, where they can be parked anywhere. As this was an outdoor event, the portability with screens was key to a stage set-up. The result of our combined efforts was a successful celebration with the entertainment on stage made visible for all.


Mary Kay Groundbreaking

Cosmetics giant Mary Kay wanted to celebrate the groundbreaking for a massive research and manufacturing facility in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2016, as reported by CBS DFW. Alford facilitated the technical aspects needed for the announcements and gathering. Positioning speakers at the open front, as well as in the closed rear of the tent assured all guests could hear the speakers. With our help, they hosted a successful outdoor event that left everyone present excited for the arrival of the new facility.

Whether your event is taking place indoors or outdoors, large or small, Alford has the experience and passion to create everything you’ve envisioned your show to be.




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