Alford Preset Remote Update

Alford Preset Remote Update

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The Alford Preset Remote now has two-way communication! Every change and edit you make, whether on the app or on the console, will sync automatically to both devices. This is a game changer for the Preset Remote app and allows for so much more ease and flexibility in your programming.

The Alford Preset Remote, sponsored by Barco, is your wireless preset controller for Barco’s Event Master’s family of switchers. With the Alford Preset Remote, Event Master’s line of products is now at your fingertips on your iPad or iPad Mini.

The app is totally customizable and loaded with features, so you can work the way that best fits you. Features include the ability to Save, Edit, Custom Order and Restore Order. The app also has buttons for Cut and an Auto-trans and the current preset is easily visible. For easier organization and access to your settings, the preset button setting can be saved to a show file within the app.

Get the app today and check out our other great apps, Widescreen Calc and LED Calc.

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