Alford Provides Remote Presenter Kits for Virtual Events

Alford Provides Remote Presenter Kits for Virtual Events

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Alford Remote Presenter Kits elevate the audio, lighting, and overall video for remote presenters with simple plug-and-play devices. These kits offer an overall better quality of your virtual presentation or remote meeting with a fast and easy setup.

What Comes in the Remote Presenter Kit?

An easy plug-and-play setup that includes:

  • Full HD webcam compatible with H.264 video compression, a high-quality 48kHz/16-bit USB
  • A high-quality 48kHz/16-bit USB condenser boundary microphone conveniently integrated into the base of the unit
  • A second high-quality, condenser USB microphone that’s easy to plug in to the main base, offering flexibility for the presenter’s live streaming setup
  • An LED ring light, daylight-balanced for the look of a studio production
  • These components come as a 19-inch tall, 3-in-1 device with an additional microphone that’s easily attached and just one cord to plug in to a computer with multiple adapters available for any computer
  • Instructions for how to connect the devices and update any of you computer settings as needed

Additional advantage of using Alford Media’s services with our Remote Presenter Kits

One of our Digital Assistant Stage Managers will walk each presenter through setting up their Remote Presenter Kit online via a digital intercom system, ensuring that their audio, video, and lighting all look and sound professional with the highest quality available. They will also be available to help adjust any settings or elements of the kit or the presenter’s surroundings and troubleshoot any issues that may arise, giving each presenter their best live streaming quality and confidence for their remote meeting.

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