Alford Releases LED Wall Calculator App

Alford Releases LED Wall Calculator App

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Alford is excited to introduce our new LED Wall Calculator app, capable of configuring the panel requirements for numerous types of LED wall options. This new app is based similarly on our other app, the Alford Widescreen Calculator, which determines how many rigging points and projectors are required for specific screen sizes.

The Alford LED wall calculator app is available at the App store for a one-time purchase of $1.99 and can be utilized by sales, clients, and tech crews. Many of the latest manufacturers and panel models are incorporated into the database, and we will be adding additional models as they become available. There is also an option to submit any new panels that are not currently in the app.

We provide all the LED information available, keeping you in one place for all of your calculating needs. While there are similar apps available on the market, our app sets itself apart by allowing adjustments of a panel’s height and width within the final configuration screen, eliminating the need to restart configurations on the first screen. Another convenient and unique quality to our app is the screenshot button, making it easy to share your calculations.

Main features of the LED Wall Calculator include:

  • Configures panel number, height, width, horizontal and vertical pixels, aspect ratio, weight, and the average power
  • Calculates wall size based on your selection of panels, feet, or meters.
  • Choose wall by manufacturer and panel type
  • Choose your power (110v or 208v) and units (standard or metric)
  • Ability to make adjustments within the final calculation screen
  • Ability to submit a panel that is not in the database
  • Screenshot option

How to Use the LED Wall Calculator:

  • Start by selecting your preferred vertical and horizontal input type, choosing one of the 3 options; panels, feet, or meters
  • Select the check mark to sync your list of panels from our database

LED Wall Calculator

  • All values and calculations are displayed based on your input
  • Options change power (110v or 208v) and units (standard or metric)
  • Allows for incremental changes (- and +) to vertical or horizontal panel quantity, automatically recalculating everything

LED Calculator

  • Select the plus sign to submit a panel suggestion inputting the manufacturer, model, and pitch.

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