Alford Virtual Event System for Professional Online Events

Alford Virtual Event System for Professional Online Events

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With all the changes happening in events, especially with many live events converting to online events, we want to share how Alford Media manages virtual events and webcasting. Our team and process give you the same level of professionalism and quality you’re used to at live events for your virtual events with the bandwidth for multiple web streams, a robust presenter management system, and capability for multiple streaming sources. Below we explain the process of adding multiple remote presenters and how show callers are able to call the event remotely.

Alford Media - Virtual Event System

For Virtual Event Presenters

Remote presenters are brought in through a third-party streaming service and added to a virtual greenroom. From this greenroom, our control room manages who and what is visible to the external webcast event using their feeds, a main screen share for playback and graphics, and routing through our switching system, Barco E2. Our team sends the compiled video and feed to a final output service, like Chorus Call or YouTube Live, for virtual attendees to view.

Here are examples of what that external video stream can look like:

This system allows presenters time to prepare to be on screen, speaker timers, and the confidence to know exactly what attendees are seeing during their presentation.

What the presenters see on their screens:

Presenter View
Presenter View 2

For Virtual Event Producers and Show Callers

Show Caller Screen

The Barco E2 Multiview is inserted into a third-party streaming service meeting, like Microsoft Teams or Zoom, that is shared between the Alford Media control room and the remote show caller. The intercom is also inserted into this meeting enabling the remote show caller to call the virtual event and speak to the crew similar to a traditional event. We can also add producers or clients to this meeting view to see the overall virtual event, available graphics and presenters, and what’s visible to the virtual attendees.

With Alford Media’s virtual event system presenters, producers, and show callers will have a professional experience similar to what they get at a live event. Our online events include audio mixing services and video playback and graphics capabilities. Our crews have worked to make it easy for all those involved in the event to communicate, organize and call the show. The expertise our teams bring provides a level of confidence that every virtual event will meet the same quality and standards clients are used to. While we have our preferred streaming services, we are flexible and will work with you to develop a custom management system for your virtual event to ensure a successful, high quality show. If you have any questions about the information above or about our webcasting services, please give us a call or contact us in the form below.

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