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Alfordgram – Astra Lite Panels

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Alfordgram – Astra Lite Panel from Alford Media Services on Vimeo.


(Transcript) Hi I’m Blake Taylor, from Alford Media. Today I’d like to show you one of our new lighting fixtures. We have the Astra 1×1 Bi Color Lite Panel. These are great fixtures for your multi-camera interview setups, your backstage makeup or green room lighting. The Astra EP’s are twice as bright as the originals and comparable to a 300 watt HMI or a 1000 watt tungsten fixture.

On each fixture there’s onboard dimming, as well as color temperature control. They can also be controlled via DMX or Bluetooth through an optional module.

Each Astra weighs about 7lbs and pulls a maximum of 56 watts, which means you can plug in multiple Astras into one single wall outlet.

We have the Astras available now in a three light kit. It comes with stands and clamps.

Make sure you ask for one of these kits on your next show.

For more information about the Astra Lite Panels and how to get them for your next event email


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Ali McMahan – Communications Administrator – Alford Media Services, Inc.

Blake Taylor, Manager of Lighting Services – Alford Media Services, Inc.

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