Alfordgram – Change Is Good

Alfordgram – Change Is Good

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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates


We are thrilled to announce that the extremely talented, dynamic Lighting Designer, Blake Taylor, has been promoted to Manager of Lighting.  Blake, who has worked for Alford for 15 years, is currently balancing his new responsibilities and maintaining his show schedule.  While he will be phased off of his road duties, he’ll definitely be involved behind the scene working on all your lighting jobs.  We look forward to Blake taking our lighting department to a higher level of excellence on bigger shows.


With Blake coming off of the road, we needed a full time Lighting Designer to join the Burgundy team.  We are very excited to announce that Dominic Fanelli has accepted the position, as he has been one of our favorite freelancers for several years.  His talent and wonderful attitude is backed by more than eight years of corporate and touring lighting experience including two tours with the Dave Matthews Band. Earlier in his career he worked at the The Opera Shop in Denver and he studied film at the Colorado Film School.  We couldn’t be happier to officially welcome him to the Alford family.


Lighting is not the only department with exciting news. Next month, Keith Anderson will be joining the Video Department! He has been working with us on show sites nationwide as a projectionist and video engineer for the past five years. Keith is a talented and versatile team player dedicated to giving our clients a Burgundy “SHOW” of support!





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