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Alfordgram - June 2015

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On a Sunday night around 8:30pm I was hanging out by the pool. I answered a phone call from Pat Reed, Project Manager. Pat asked me what my schedule looked like for the next 24 hours. I know we are about to start Inventory in the warehouse, so I tell him I’m open. He says to pack a bag, go to the shop, and pick up two screens.


I rush into the house and throw a couple essentials in my backpack. I check my email and see that I have to make a flight that takes off at 9:20pm headed to San Francisco. Wade Diebold, Account Coordinator, meets me at the shop to get the screens and take me to the airport.


Wade drops me off at DFW airport at my gate, C7. However, because it’s after 9pm the closest security checkpoint is at C21. I know that time is not on my side, so I sprint down the lobby carrying two boxes that weigh 72 lbs. each. I made it to the gate at 9:17 with three minutes to spare.


You are probably wondering why Alford didn’t just send the screens via cargo or courier. These two options could not meet our time requirements. Plus we needed to give our client the supreme support that they count on us to deliver. We were able to exceed the client’s expectations, even with this logistic challenge. I’m happy to report the show was a success!

Jamie Haygood


My time in California was brief and I’m glad to be back home. This quick trip is one of the reasons I love the live events industry.








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