Alfordgram – Virtual Zipline in the Holodeck Tent

Alfordgram – Virtual Zipline in the Holodeck Tent

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Alfordgram March 2015



When you think about being a Boy Scout, you think about things like hiking, camping, leadership, and service to others. But being a Boy Scout is that and so much more. John Stewart, Boy Scouts of America’s Head of Corporate Engagement and Sustainability, came up with the task of marketing the Boy Scouts in a small tradeshow space as part of Lego KidsFest. His idea was to transport prospective Boy Scouts and their parents into a day in the life of a Boy Scout by letting them experience a Scouting favorite adventure – zip lining one of the longest courses in North America . . . in a 10’x12’ tent.

Boy Scouts of America Zip-Line Tent

Boy Scouts of America at Lego KidsFest

Our involvement began when our Vice President of Sales, Gary Scott, learned that John Stewart had recently reached out to a local production company in hopes of finding a group that could bring his ideas to life. We soon learned that the Boy Scouts had reached out to 900lbs of Creative to produce a virtual zip line ride. We know 900lbs of Creative well, as they were the production company that created the graphic elements for the Perot Museum grand opening that we projection mapped back in 2012. After a conference call, Alford was engaged to partner with 900lbs and the Boy Scouts to help bring the zip line concept to life.

Setting Up the Holodeck Tent

The 900lbs creative gurus, Josh Bray and Jason Brandt, were already on top of the graphic concept and content, and the Boy Scouts had provided a “Bare Bones” tent. We began to work on the projection logistics. Gary, along with Alford Project Manager, Clay Youngblood, and our Manager of Video Services, Bill Brady, met with Josh and Jason to get up to speed on their conceptual vision. We took possession of the tent, set it up in our Theater, and began work on developing a technically feasible and cost effective solution.

Given the size of the tent, not to mention the budget we were tasked to work within, it was quickly apparent that our substantial inventory of high-end projectors used at corporate events across the country would not be the solution for this project. We decided to purchase the Epson PowerLite 585W LCD projectors. The585w Epson ProjectorPowerlite’s projection brightness is 4400 lumens of color and 4400 lumens of white. Its WUXGA resolution makes it easy to display larger-than-life Full HD, and its reflective short-throw lensing was perfect for this application. We set out to build the infrastructure to hold the projectors and custom screens with the end result being a seamless wrap around image. Shawn Lunsford, Alford’s Projection QC Specialist, jumped into the project. A sound system was added along with a spy cam that displayed the reactions of the zip liners on monitors to those waiting in line outside the tent. Shawn ended up being the project projectionist and even drove the truck to Phoenix to the Lego Kidsfest for the Holodeck’s debut.

Scouts of all ages experienced the thrill of Scouting as they zip lined down the course at the Boy Scout’s Summit Bechtel Reserve all while standing in a small tent. In a single day over 1,700 people, of which over a 1,000 were kids, zipped through the trees. Surveys indicated a 98% enjoyment rate and well over half of the kids indicated they wanted to become Scouts. Next stop . . . St. Louis. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah!




Zip-Line Screen

Virtual Zip-Lining In the Holodeck




Experience the Virtual Zip Line
Big Red Takes a Ride in the Holodeck


Written By: Scott Miller, Gary Scott, & Steve Alford

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