Alford’s Innovation Experience – Old and New Technology Collide

Alford’s Innovation Experience – Old and New Technology Collide

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Alford has long been a leader in finding new technology and developing unique solutions and techniques to use classic tech in a new way, and we strive to continue that pattern. As part of our commitment to always be innovating, we hosted an Innovation Experience this summer to showcase some of the latest technologies and introduce new and creative ways to utilize staple event elements that would inspire our clients and generate new ideas for their events.


Projection Mapping on Scenic

This aspect at the Innovation Experience was inspired by Shawn Lunsford, Video Service Technician, and his desire to expand beyond static gobo’s often used on scenic. Shawn developed the design and content during pre-production. He then mapped on-site using Barco’s UDX-4K32 Laser Projectors and HeavyM software on Atomic panels (pyramid and chiclet) to create an immersive scenic look with custom, animated graphics that appeared to move and interact with the music. This technique is a cost-effective way to elevate scenic and can be maneuvered in ways that traditional lighting can’t accomplish.



Astera AX1 Wireless Pixeltubes

A new lighting fixture that we were excited to show off is the Astera AX1 Wireless Pixeltube, which many at Alford refer to as the LED “light saber”. We mounted these around our stage and programmed and controlled them with a GrandMA 2 console. These pixel controllable LED RGBW batons can be mounted on truss or hung by string almost anywhere in a venue. They’re great for lighting a stage or for creating atmospheric lighting with many kinds of effect options. The Astera Pixeltubes can be controlled by infrared remote, phone app or console, and you can set or change colors at the push of a button, screen, or pre-set routine.



Ceiling Projection with Barco UDX-4K32 Laser Projector and Snorkel Lens 

To show off our latest addition to our video inventory, we incorporated a short-throw ceiling projection using the Barco UDX-4K32 Laser Projector, the Barco Ultra Short-Throw Snorkel lens, and truss mounted boards. Adding ceiling projection to our set and incorporating similar color schemes and graphics was a simple way of creating an immersive environment. In addition, a short-throw snorkel lens allows you to set up and utilize the projector close to the screen or wall and still get large, clear, crisp projection. It’s ideal for installation in narrow spaces and rear-projection applications.



Magic Stage Mirror

Our most interactive element is one of our latest offerings, Magic Stage Mirror. MSM creates a graphically stylized silhouette of those using it with dynamic animated visuals based on a user’s movement, audio, and social interactions. This device-free reflective AR experience can be used to engage your attendees in a breakout session, create an interactive component at a corporate meeting, or enhance your entertainers’ performances.


Sparkular – Cold Pyro

We were so excited to introduce the flame-free technology of Sparkular. The cold-pyro machine creates pyro effects without the flame. So safe, that many of our attendees and staff could place their hand over the device while in action without any discomfort. The device is easily programmed with wired or wireless control. Create and pre-program a beautiful customized display with 6 different effect styles.



L-Acoustics Syva Speaker

Our audio was transmitted through a speaker designed to blend into any background. Syva’s intended use is for professional sound reinforcement and corporate events in small ballrooms or for high-end meetings with a ground supported speaker system. It features a unique J-shaped top box and a Syva Low box to extend the frequency response down to 40Hz. The plug-and-play requires no software and can easily and quickly be used.



Absen X2v LED

We utilized quite a bit of LED with an arch, curved walls, and main stage wall. We wanted to highlight Absen’s versatile capabilities, particularly for the concave and convex LED designs which we used in our walk-in. Absen X2v LED panels offer crystal clear, bright images with no flicker. With a pixel pitch of 2.6mm, it’s the latest in LED technology, creating tighter positioned bulbs that are ideal for a close-up audience, while maintaining crisp illumination. Capable of building full HD or 4K resolution screens, this makes for the perfect center screen. The ability to create unlimited concave curves and up to 5° convex curves expands the innovative designs you can incorporate throughout your show.


Riedel Bolero Wireless Intercom System

All of our crew members were tuned into our wireless intercom system, Riedel Bolero. It can be used as a belt pack, a portable desktop panel, or a 2-way radio. Its integrated Bluetooth technology allows your headset to be interactive with your phone, with the ability to make and receive calls from your cellphone through your headset. Great for large events and venues, Bolero has a system capacity of up to 100 antennas and 50 belt packs.


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