Introducing Astera Titan LED Wireless Pixeltube

Introducing Astera Titan LED Wireless Pixeltube

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Astera Titan Pixeltube Alford Media

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Astera Titan LED Wireless Pixeltube to the Alford lighting department. The Titan Pixeltube is a highly creative device that offers an infinite range of possibilities and can create an immersive experience for your audience. Optimized with a very high peak brightness, colors as well as hue, saturation and intensity can be set directly on the tube. With advanced battery control that lets you set the battery runtime up to 20 hours, you can rest easy knowing that your Titan Pixeltube fixtures will power through your production exactly as you need them to.

Astera Titan Pixeltube on Set

Designed especially for the film, broadcasting and cinema industries, this powerful 16-pixel LED baton can be mounted or rigged at event and film sites to light up people, objects, or create indirect lighting. This product is exceedingly flexible and can be configured into many unique shapes and designs, adding visual interest to your event. The Titan Pixeltube’s versatility allows you to implement it into many facets of your show, ranging from the stage, to walkways, to the audience itself.

Single Astera Titan Pixeltube

Main features for the Titan Pixeltube include:

  • Ultra-high color rendering
  • RGBMA Colors
  • 72W LED Power
  • 20-hour battery life

For more information about the Astera Titan LED Wireless Pixeltube, or to use them at your next event, contact your Alford Account Manager or contact us here.

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