Building Your Vision From The Ground Up

Building Your Vision From The Ground Up

The Challenge

Game CubeWe were challenged by our client to find a solution to fulfill two purposes at their event; an escape room and a game show. The escape room was to be a big part of the event, but the room had specific needs that required some outside-the-box thinking. First, a locked box was needed that contained a button that when pressed would stop a timer for the escape room while simultaneously triggering a video. On top of this, the client needed a unique game show style system to be used for a team-based activity. This challenge led to creative solutions which allowed us to build a custom mechanism matching the aesthetic of the event as well as providing practical functionality when it comes to participant experience.

The Right Solution

An off the shelf product was not available, so we custom designed the entire system with attendee engagement in mind. Our Video Services Manager Bill Brady started the design using the CAD program AutoDesk Fusion 360. The next step was finding the right color to match our client’s branding. After looking through all available samples, including sourcing international options, Bill found the correct color and got started on the 3D printing process for the mechanism. 3D printing the components of this system allowed us to perfectly customize the design to exactly what the client needed.

Delivering Exceptional ServiceGame Cube & Lights

For the escape room, we wired the apparatus to a timer and a 49″ monitor cued by ExKeys for video playback. The button would be contained in a locked box that could only be opened as part of the escape room. Once pressed, the timer for the room would stop counting down and a video would play congratulating the successful escape. With the game show set up, four custom devices were used in a competitive, team-based activity. The equipment was wired to the speaker timers as well as a light system via Cat5. With this part of the show, each team would press their corresponding button upon completion of a task, and the timer stopped once all buttons had been pressed. Associate Developer Ryan O’Rourke wrote custom code for the Raspberry Pi to program both systems.

These dynamic products worked perfectly at the event and our client was happy to get exactly what they were looking for.

The versatility and easy customization allow us to design and modify these systems for future events or needs.

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