Custom LED Wall and Careful Rigging

Custom LED Wall and Careful Rigging

This exciting event showcased a unique design and consisted of 4 custom 30’x2’ centered and spaced LED panel walls that were flanked by two 9’x16’ LED screens.

The concept for this event was developed by our client with a sort of a-ha moment after making a napkin drawing. While drafting the design and erasing horizontal sections of the screen, the idea to separate the center LED panels was created. Our client at Snap! Productions presented the custom design and Alford welcomed the technical challenge of bringing the concept to life.

The unique center screen with the panels and gap spaces equaled 30’x10’ and allowed for custom graphics and design. When you add the gap spaces together, they equal one 30×2 panel strip. Before the LED left the warehouse, we built custom steel plates to mount half couplers to, which were then bolted to the back of the panels. When loading in the custom LED, our crews faced a couple of challenges. The first was building LED walls in a ballroom with no ceiling rigging. This meant our engineers had to build the entire set with very sturdy ground support to effectively hold the weight of the 3 LED walls.

Another challenge was an uneven floor within the ballroom, requiring careful offsetting with the back rigging and truss, mandating meticulous work to ensure the truss was flush with the LED panels. The finished look was vibrant and unique as it expressed our client’s vision perfectly. The slatted LED wall was the standout design element that intrigued and delighted guests as they participated in the event.

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