Hologram Effect with Hologauze®

Hologram Effect with Hologauze®

Client: Snap! Productions
Event: Bell Helicopter Executive Meeting

For Snap! Productions and their client, Bell Helicopter, the idea behind using a hologram effect was a visually striking and uniquely engaging element to the keynote address at an annual meeting of Bell Helicopter managers and executives.

Developing the Concept

Holo-gauzeWith the hologram idea in place, an initial concept based on the digital models used to develop Bell’s helicopters, our client, Amber Jenkins, and the team from Alford started to flesh out the final product. Working with Bell, a consensus was reached on using the hologram effect during a 5-minute segment of the 15-minute keynote. The rest of the speech was visually supplemented with bold images on a 60-foot LED screen.

The Technical Aspects and Implementation

Hologram Effect with holo-gauzeFor the technical needs of the hologram visual presentation, Wade Diebold, National Account Manager at Alford, said bright projection and a precise angle were needed to create the desired effect. Using two Barco RLM 12K projectors merged together and carefully deploying the other elements, like the Hologauze® placed in front of the stage, created the right effect.

The Hologauze® stood out as the best choice for this approach. Advancing beyond the single-use clear lm commonly used for hologram effects, this reusable material – called houndstooth cyclorama – provides more flexibility for event use and a greater value. It also allows for more creative displays.

Special lighting considerations also came into play, as lighting the Hologauze® from the front would reveal its presence. Instead, side lighting was configured to work around this issue. In all, the setup for the hologram took approximately four hours. With a fixed point available inside the facility to hang the gauze, many potential concerns related to it were dismissed.

The Final Product

Hologram EffectWith an audience that had no advance notice of the hologram-enhanced keynote, there was plenty of surprise among the 200-plus attendees. Using the Hologauze® to project relevant graphics and information, created a unique visual experience that highlighted the forward-thinking approach taken by Bell.

Amber and the rest of Snap! Productions were especially pleased with the outcome and an undeniably successful result.

“They figure out a way to make it work, and they’re upfront about real issues and they work collaboratively to problem solve,” Amber said. “I couldn’t offer this kind of experience to clients without Alford’s support.”


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