Strategic Signal Distribution with Riedel MediorNet

Strategic Signal Distribution with Riedel MediorNet

Client: SAS
Event: SAS Global Forum

MediorNet Social Media CartA unique issue faced Alford when developing the necessary digital infrastructure for the 2017 SAS Global Forum. The venue, Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida, met many of the conference’s needs, but it lacked the necessary fiber-optic infrastructure for an event on the scale of the conference. To successfully handle this concern, Alford turned to Riedel and its MediorNet system, a perfect fit for collaboration.

The Power of Riedel MediorNet

MediorNet uses unique technology that allows for the combination of signals, meaning each strand of fiber-optic cable is used as effectively as possible. The largest challenge facing the conference was the deployment of a fiber-optic network to carry signals for the audio, visual and communications work that needed to be done throughout the event.

Successful Deployment and Use Throughout the Event

Riedel MediorNet - Lower Quad Mobile systemSAS used roaming carts to conduct a variety of interviews and remote shoots throughout the three day event. They each included IFBs for the talent, wireless microphones, a wireless camera and a preview monitor. The power and flexibility of MediorNet meant the cart operators only had to plug into the fiber in the General Session – no rerouting of signals was necessary.

Another challenge was the use of remote wireless camera systems provided by an outside vendor, which require serial control connection as opposed to a network control connection. Signal transport through a serial connection had been a difficulty in the past, but Saltzer worked through the potential issues with the wiring and created an effective system. The result was easy and effective remote control of the cameras.

A webcast studio was also connected through MediorNet. That included three cameras and a prompter operator located inside Riedel’s tent away from the studio itself. Downstage and prompter monitors, live feeds for talent, and camera feeds and computers used in the interviews were all involved, and MediorNet allowed for efficient rerouting of those signals to master control. Those signals were then sent to SAS’s internal hosting service.

A Successful Result

MediorNet Main System HubOne of the most impressive achievements was the remote control of all signal routes and conducting all troubleshooting from the webmaster control area. That meant more effective and faster responses to issues. Instead of having to travel between problem areas and deal with delays, especially in situations where feeds were live or quickly used, response was instantaneous.

With so much real-time information flowing – including data, communications, audio and video – and the need to manage and support a variety of live and delayed broadcasts, Alford had to implement an efficient network to carry all signals. Effective support was crucial to ensure the show went off without a hitch. By working with Riedel, Alford deployed the exact system needed and hosted an especially successful show.

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