Widescreen and LED Accent Walls

Widescreen and LED Accent Walls

This event in the Trinity Ballroom at the Hilton Anatole, Dallas, TX consisted of a 15×92 foot center screen, two 16×16 foot LED walls and two 15×45 foot side screens.

LED Accent WallsOur client wanted to add LED walls to allow for more graphics and brighten the space, but also wanted a contemporary look. We suggested the concave, LED walls to add depth and offset the very large, center widescreen. For LED, we typically recommend a 2.6mm to ensure the sharpness and quality of graphics, however for this event a 4.8mm concave LED screen worked perfectly for the audience seating and graphics displayed, while still being cost effective.

One challenge our team encountered with the LED walls was their weight. Each LED screen weighed over 2000lbs making rigging both expensive and difficult in this venue. So we decided to ground support each wall with heavy duty decking from an outside vendor. These additional stages also gave presenters more room backstage for easy entrance to the main stage.

Widescreen with Accent WallsThe finished look was clean and one that captured our client’s vision. The LED walls created the depth the event needed and the graphics displays were stunning.


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