How to Create Instagrammable Events

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October 16, 2019

How to Create Instagrammable Events

For attendees to want to share an event on Instagram—a primarily visual platform—there must be compelling, striking visuals. Visually-engaging stimuli—from holographic effects to unique LED or 3D digital signage—can transform experiences into an art worth sharing. READ MORE

Peterbilt US EPA Certified SmartWay Semis

April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day from Everyone at Alford Media!

Our Mission Statement – “We have a burning desire to excel—on show site, at the office, and in life. We believe true success cannot be achieved without the sincere outpouring of goodwill towards our community”. This is why we believe that we have a responsibility to our community, both local and global, to implement sustainable business practices. READ MORE

May 22, 2014

Ideal Formats for Video Playback

Talking about video formats can be overwhelming, and there are many options to choose from. We would like to take a moment and give you the best options for playing back digital video at your next event. READ MORE


August 24, 2012

The Mystery Behind RF Coordination & 2-Way Radios

Over the past couple weeks I have run into what seemed like a mystery to RF coordinators. This quandary came from trying to figure out how to coordinate production radios and incorporate their frequencies into the master RF coordination. This challenge has been presented to me on my upcoming show. READ MORE

February 3, 2012

AJA Ki Pro Quick Fix

AJA Ki Pro’s have a setting that will completely mess up your world if you are unfamiliar with what it is.  According to AJA, they are removing this option in the next software update. READ MORE

August 19, 2011

More Power! Alford’s New 3×12 Amp Racks

Alford Media’s audio department has recently made an addition that would even impress Home Improvement’s Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, MORE POWER!  With the acquisition of 60 Crown IT12000HD power amplifiers, Alford has made 720,000 watt investment in its sonic future. READ MORE


November 12, 2010

Best Audio Formats For Show Site

It wasn’t all that long ago that audio on show site was an entirely analog affair. Playback and record were handled on archaic devices like cassette decks or reel-to-reel machines. Today there are all kinds of digital audio devices. Computers, CD players, solid-state recorders, Instant Replays, multi-track systems, and the list goes on and on. READ MORE

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