Ask Tom
Ask Tom

We have a live series, The Back Porch with Tom Alford, hosted by our own, Rachel Hollis - Scheduling & Office Manager, and filmed in our webcasting studios located in DFW.

Over the past 36 years, many of our employees and colleagues have enjoyed time on the porch with Tom. To talk about anything and everything from event tech, recipes, and even heart to hearts. Alford leadership has always held an open door policy and time on the porch with TA is a cornerstone of that. With the current situation and many not able to have that time we decided to bring the same conversation virtually through this series.

Below is a question form, if you have question please submit below or ask in real-time via the Facebook Live broadcast on our Facebook Page. You can also now watch on our YouTube page.

Watch our first episode of The Back Porch here.

Tom Alford - Executive Vice President & GM

Tom has had the privilege of working in the event industry for over 35 years. This Killeen, Texas native cut his teeth in the AV field doing “anything others did not want to do.” Little wonder that within two months of starting out, Tom found himself on a corporate jet, handling a six-city tour. As the Executive Vice President & GM, he oversees the overall operations of Alford Media and works closely with new clients and large accounts to help them realize their vision. Having grown and shepherded Alford Media to its position as one of the U.S.'s premier event technology companies, Tom professes that the thing he still likes best is the people he gets to interact with. Tom has always been a hard worker and is happiest when keeping busy. Happily married and a father of two, Tom’s interests outside the business include hunting, fishing, cooking, and “talking.”

Rachel Hollis - Office & Scheduling Manager

Rachel joined Alford Media in 2011 as an Administrative Assistant and within a year was promoted to Office Manager. She quickly became an integral member of Alford’s support team, gaining universal staff recognition by being named Alford’s Employee of the Year for 2012. In 2019, Rachel expanded her role to Office & Scheduling Manager, in addition to her Office Manager role, she organizes and schedules the staff for all of our events. Rachel loves learning about the live events industry and the rapidly changing technology keeps her intrigued. She has been a volunteer for United Way and KaBOOM!, a non profit that builds playgrounds for children growing up in poverty. Her boundless curiosity has resulted in bookshelves overloaded with biographies. Though the road has taken her many places, Rachel was born in Texas and she is proud to be back home in the Lone Star State.

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