Create Memorable Interactive Experiences With The PufferTouch2+

Create Memorable Interactive Experiences With The PufferTouch2+

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Interactive technology continues to expand, from the content being controlled by attendees to interactive video using motion sensors. At Alford Media, we’re excited to share Pufferfish’s latest product, the PufferTouch2+, that gives attendees an entirely new way to engage with your event’s content. This technology combines on-sphere touch interactivity with eye-catching visuals, bringing opportunities for attendees to fully interact with your content. Using a projector encased beneath the touch sphere, the PufferTouch2+ allows for full 360° display and supports resolutions up to 4K as well as having options for integrated audio. The sphere itself is entirely touch-sensitive, and the technology includes an internal media server that can be stored beforehand with all content and applications.

Going beyond the tangible aspects we partnered with Pufferfish to implement the first use of an external display with the PufferTouch2+. Using the touch-sensitive display along with any external output including projection, LED, or monitor, can elevate an interactive experience of an on-stage presentation to be shared with the audience in a general session, or expand the visual aspect of face-to-face engagement areas. The PufferTouch2+ adds an element of interaction that will make your event stand out in an industry that is constantly evolving.

Features of the PufferTouch2+ include:

  • Touchscreen interactivity
  • Simple, portable, robust full 360° display
  • Resolutions up to 4K Ultra-High Definition
  • Options for integrated audio and external audio outputs
  • 600mm or 760mm sizes

Uses of the PufferTouch2+ can include:

  • Creating memorable interactive user experiences for attendee engagement
  • Making a “watercooler” moment to generate face-to-face engagement
  • Enhancing an on-stage presentation with the option to output to an external display 

For more information about the PufferTouch2+, or to use it at your next event, contact your Alford Account Manager or contact us here.

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