Demo: Digital Scenery

Demo: Digital Scenery

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Digital Scenery means different things to different people. Some even refer to it by a different name such as Environmental, Cyber, Virtual or Projected Scenery. Digital Scenery was used on a grand scale at the recent Olympics. Even the audience was a part of the show as they were given white ponchos to wear that allowed them to be a part of the projected surface.

Your next show may not be on the same scale as the Olympics, but using media servers, digital lights, and projectors, we have the technology and the know-how to fulfill your Digital Scenery vision.  Video, animation, stills and multimedia content can be projected and displayed on almost any surface.

In the examples above the back wall has been transformed into a living part of the presentation. The three screens are traditional front projection and the background was created using a variety of lighting instruments along with DLP projectors outputting content from our digital media servers. The stunning effects were programmed and cued from a lighting console.  An alpha channel was used to “knock out” a hole for the screens, and when used with the set pieces, the alpha channel allowed us to project only on the irregular shapes in the foreground. The possibilities in the world of Digital Scenery are only limited by your imagination. So start dreamin’!

If you have questions about Digital Scenery and how it can be utilized on your next show.  Please give us a call.  972-538-9400.  Check out more of our videos on our YouTube Channel –




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