Four Fun Finds From The Special Event

Four Fun Finds From The Special Event

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What happens when someone from the world of buttoned-down corporate AV visits a trade show for corporate, social, and wedding event professionals? Alford’s Director of Product Innovation, Dave Pooser, found out earlier this month at The Special Event in New Orleans. Sure, he had plenty of time to connect with other event professionals, but he also kept his eyes open for some things that were a bit more light-hearted….


  1. Levitating Décor from Levitating X

Magnets, how do they work? These folks know, and they use electromagnetic suspension to keep small (2lb or lighter) objects floating in the air. The effect is limited in area, and if your plate or cup or custom-built whatever is pushed off-center (maybe by this fellow) you’ll quickly discover they fly better than they land. Still, it’s a cool look for certain specific, very controlled environments.


  1. Up to 360° Photo Booth

Photo booths are fun at parties, but that one little lens can only capture a slice of your image. How do you get a more complete view? MORE CAMERAS! The team at Time Stoppers 360 use anywhere from 10 to 48 cameras to get multiple angles, then stitch it together to put a video on their Web site that lets you check yourself from any angle. Is it a cool feature or a chance to get self-conscious about the areas you normally hide from the camera? You decide!



  1. Photo Booth with VR Brush

Green screen photo booth? Yawn. Drop-in backgrounds? Whatever. Wait, you can put on a VR headset and go to town painting and adding effects to your virtual image, while your friends watch on another monitor? And take snapshots and a video that you can share on social media? Now you have my attention, LA Photo Party.


  1. Giant Plastic Building Blocks

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who loved playing with Legos, and those who were missing a soul. For the soul-equipped who always wanted to do their building at a larger scale, now there’s EverBlock. Snap-together blocks from 12″x6″x6″, sold by the individual block or in wall-sized kits? BRB, I’ve got some furniture to build!








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