How Alford Access Can Improve Your Event Communication

How Alford Access Can Improve Your Event Communication

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Alford is excited to announce the live beta release of our newest innovative web app, Alford Access. Our custom event database, Backbone, went live in 2011 as the central location for our sales, crew, and operations team to collaborate on planning and executing our clients’ events from the initial proposal all the way to striking and loading out the show. In an effort to better communicate and collaborate with our show crew we launched Alford Shows for full-time staff and then released Alford Hub for freelancers shortly after. Both online platforms are pulling real-time updates directly from Backbone. Not only do they pull information from Backbone, they allow the crew to communicate back to Sales and Support via the web portal.

Now, we’ve designed an application specifically for our clients to provide centralized information in one platform aimed at the transparency of all communications. We realize with the myriad of communication tools available; email, texts, Dropbox, Google docs, etc., it can sometimes be cumbersome to keep track of everything related to your event.

Through Alford Access, you’ll only need to look one place for live, real-time access to your show. Our user-friendly dashboard is available 24/7 with access to data such as your budget and equipment list, the crew list and contact information, venue information, and any related files. Alford Access makes it easy to contact your Account Manager and any of the crew, ask questions, make change requests, and gather all the information you need for building your show.

One of the best features of Alford Access is the open and transparent real-time updates for any changes or comments made by the client, account manager, or crew. Clients can leave comments requesting information or changes and see our Sales and Operations teams update the status on those comments; crew and sales staff can leave comments for clients to ask questions or update show information. And while we would love for you to utilize all of Alford Access’ many features, we encourage you to try it even if you simply just want to view a budget or find a crew member’s contact information.

Alford Access is the most advanced client communications tool of its kind within the event tech industry. It allows you to collaborate with your entire team from concept to completion while overseeing the entire process. The future of client communications like Alford Access will soon be the trend, and we would like for you to help us shape it.

As we begin to utilize this tool more, we will need your expert advice on how to seamlessly develop our newest client communications. We would love for you to participate in our beta process, open to all clients at this time.

If you have any questions or want to learn more, please contact your account manager or call 972-538-9400 and ask for Sales.

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