How Lighting Impacts Your Message

How Lighting Impacts Your Message

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How important is lighting design to the feel and success of a corporate event? Kurt Wunsch, Lighting Designer at Alford Media, tells us it’s everything. With over 20 years in the industry, working in many aspects of lighting design from theater to concert touring, to corporate and special event designs, Wunsch has seen firsthand how critical both the aesthetic and functional elements of lighting are for an event that is worth traveling for. Technology has brought us together in many ways; whether it’s personally over FaceTime or professionally via live-streaming, meaning the in-person conference or corporate event needs an atmosphere that goes above and beyond to create a memorable experience and keep attendees coming back year after year.

Above and beyond doesn’t mean big and bright, though, especially in the corporate world. “It’s not like you’re going to a rock and roll concert where you’re expecting spectacle and intensity,” Wunsch said. “You’re going to retrieve information, you’re going to bond with other people.” Crafting lighting design for a corporate event has several subtleties, and there’s a balancing act in perfecting the stage wash to not interfere with the spot lights, and then those to not interfere with the ambient color highlights.

Even more exciting is how lighting design is leaking from the stage to the entire show floor or ballroom. With the experiential aspect of corporate events taking higher precedent, finding ways to immerse audiences has become essential. “They’re bringing in custom furniture in the audience,” Wunsch said. “They’re trying to engage the audience in a full capacity, that’s really brought our job away from the stage and out into the house.”

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