How to Create Instagrammable Events

How to Create Instagrammable Events

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With over 600 million monthly active users on Instagram, the potential for free promotion of events on the social platform is high. The ripple effect of attendees sharing event moments can be impactful, with Instagram Stories sometimes reaching 150 million daily users. Attendees who share visuals from events on Instagram both promote their experience to other users and solidify a positive impression in their memories.

Many companies use event technology to create Instagrammable moments during events designed to expand brand interaction. For instance, a recent Toyota event included a sensory wonderland experience where lighting, video, and sound converged into a highly shareable immersive experience.

Founded in 1984, Alford Media has a rich history steeped in creating memorable experiences through event technology. Utilizing a “crew-first” philosophy that ensures every show has the best talent on hand, today the company continues to forge new frontiers. Collaborating with clients to seek the right solutions and exceeding expectations for seamless event execution, Alford offers premier event technology services and support with the expertise to create Instagrammable moments.

As such, we would like to offer a few tips to help you create memorable and share-worthy moments at your events.

Creating Stunning Visuals

For attendees to want to share an event on Instagram—a primarily visual platform—there must be compelling, striking visuals. Visually-engaging stimuli—from holographic effects to unique LED or digital scenic—can transform experiences into an art worth sharing. Alford Media offers visual effects services to meet this goal, including specialized projection mapping and 3D digital signage, with multiple packages available that allow for customized, immersive elements that create magical, awe-inspiring visuals.

Incorporating Interactive Technology

The earlier example of Toyota’s “Sensory Wonderland” isn’t just a stunning walk-through experience. This new, effective integration of technology into events creates interactive playgrounds where attendees can take and share Instagram photos—not just of what they see, but of what they do as they interact with the brand.

Interactive technology can range from imaging based on biometrics to PufferTouch2, an interactive, touch sphere projection. Playful interaction like the use of interactive video by either projection, LED, or monitor allows attendees to engage with content and just have fun, contributing to a participant’s penchant to share and remember the event on Instagram.

Making Attendees Part of the Event

In addition to interactive elements, engagement drives attendees to share on Instagram. Encouragement to post, share, and contribute to the event makes the experience memorable. Event management personnel should expect to engage with attendees on Instagram in real-time. Participant experience activities like tangible tech and purpose-built apps are services offered by Alford Media to enhance opportunities for engagement. One example, Alford’s Custom Interactive Systems can be designed and used for multiple uses of engagement. These systems are customized to the client’s and event’s needs.

Designing Scenic Lighting

Event attendees are more likely to share Instagrammable moments if they like the way they look in photos. This is one of the reasons lighting has expanded from the main stage of events to the rest of the room. Alford Media Manager of Lighting Services, Blake Taylor, points out that lighting creates impressions and moods and can throw unflattering shadows on a subject. A professional lighting service provider will keep in mind how their event artistry will affect attendees’ selfies.

Syncing with Social Media

Part of immersive, share-worthy experiences is making connections to social media natural. Links, hashtags, live feeds, tracking and real-time digital interaction enhance the ease with which attendees can experience the event on Instagram and in-person. Exclusive filters, live streams, and similar offers further encourage real-time social media engagement. 

As Instagram continues to grow in popularity, crafting shareable moments becomes more crucial to event planning. Alford Media can help adapt venues to ensure photo-worthy buzz at your event, increasing both brand recognition and reach. Contact us to learn more today.

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