Hybrid Events

Hybrid Events

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Hybrid Events

Hybrid events allow for an in-person audience or in-person feel and an expanded reach via live streaming or web conferencing. Get the best of both worlds! With this service Alford provides a custom event technology setup for your live event at your preferred venue and several package options for your event’s webcasting. Alford can webcast your event onsite with temporary control rooms or remotely from one of our permanent webcasting control rooms. Alford studios can be incorporated for pre-recorded content, additional presenters to be broadcast remotely, or we can set up temporary, onsite studio(s) for elevated presentations or pre-recorded content. Alford also offers virtual event platform services for your virtual attendees to feel engaged and connected with your event. We have a variety of options to meet all of your event’s needs.

Remote Webcast Studio Switching

Hybrid Events Features

  • Achieve the energy and engagement of a live event with the opportunity to reach a broader audience through online streaming
  • High-level production and technology deployed at your live event
  • Professional and seamless incorporation of webcasting
  • A variety of options for engagement and remote presenters to be included in your event
  • Onsite and remote webcasting control rooms and studios available – Our teams can build a webcast control room or studio onsite or use our dedicated, permanent control rooms and studios for webcasting and virtual events
  • All technology and communications tied to the same team and platforms for ease of event management, interaction, and attendee engagement

If you have any questions about services for Hybrid Events, please give us a call or contact us here.

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