Improving the Virtual Experience for Presenters & Producers

Improving the Virtual Experience for Presenters & Producers

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How to Improve the Virtual Experience for Presenters & Producers

Virtual events have a lot of emphasis focused on the attendee experience. However, from our long relationship with our producer clients and working with presenters, our earliest efforts were focused on making the remote and virtual experience for them the best it could be, by creating systems and processes that ease the entire experience. Whether it’s removing stressors, robust communications, or providing an extra level of comfort and control, we have a few key factors that make the virtual experience with Alford Media reliable and easy for producers and presenters.

Alford Media Studios - Improving the Virtual Experience

Pre-recording Video Segments

Pre-recorded video content mixed with a live host or Q&A segments within the live stream ensures high quality presentations, takes stress off the presenters, and keeps the audience engaged. One of the benefits to virtual events is the opportunity to pre-record sessions, perfect them, and then share in combination with live segments or live engagement through platform features. For event leaders and organizers, this also gives you the opportunity to engage attendees more through chat, polling, and online Q&A features while the pre-taped segments roll.

We’ve had many shows in which the presentations were pre-recorded, and a host guided the event live. Attendees experienced a great, engaging event with high-level production, while presenters and producers had some stress taken off of the show days. Pre-recording also allows for segments with presenters that perhaps aren’t available during the live event, giving more flexibility all around. This does require a little more pre-planning and allowing time to film and edit the segments prior to the event (a 30-minute segment might be a 2-hour shoot). We also suggest that any recurring live presenters coordinate their outfits to match the pre-recorded segments.

Remote Presenter Kits

Alford offers Remote Presenter Kits to elevate the overall video for remote presenters with easy plug-and-play devices, including an HD camera, LED ring light, and high-quality mic. These kits allow presenters to achieve a professional look and sound from any location. Additionally, one of our Digital Assistant Stage Managers (ASM) will work with remote presenters, helping them with camera and mic settings, internet connection, their overall recording environment, and are available to assist both before and throughout their live presentations. Remote Presenter Kits and our Digital ASM’s give each presenter their best live streaming quality and confidence for their remote meeting.

Remote Presenter Management and Virtual Green Rooms

Another level of comfort for presenters is Alford’s easy, yet robust system for bringing in remote presenters and keeping them connected to the crew. Our control room brings remote presenters into a digital greenroom, keeps them organized and up to date with the show, and prepares them for going live. The Digital ASM is dedicated solely to the presenters and will work with them to ensure the quality of their lighting, audio, and cameras so they can look and sound their best.

Our control rooms can also coordinate with remote presenters and their presentation management. We offer remote click for presenter control or a Content & Graphics Specialist can manage presentations and graphics; easing that process for them, so they can focus on what they want to say.

Remote Show Caller Producer Multiview

Remote Show Calling and Multiview

Alford’s engineers have a great system set up to allow for remote show calling and producer overview. Whether you’re on-site in one of our control rooms or connecting remotely, our team will set you up on our comms system with Multiview of the entire program. This gives full control and visibility to our clients and the show caller. Our comms system allows for easy communication with your Event Lead, Video Technical Director, Stage Manager(s), and anyone else in the Control Room you need to stay connected with. Alford’s Remote Show Calling and Multiview guarantees the same level of support you’re used to and the comfort and convenience of having everyone available and accessible to you.

Rehearsals – In-Studio and Remote

Just like an in-person event, rehearsals are a key to success whether in a studio or a remote location. Pre-recorded segments can alleviate some of the need for rehearsal, but we highly recommend rehearsals for any live presentations or presenters. Rehearsals are helpful for tech checks and the comfort of the presenters and the producers.

  • With those in-studio, rehearsals are very much like a live, in-person event. Our team will walk through presentations, graphics, and videos to ensure everything is in order for the day of show and that presenters feel comfortable on stage.
  • For remote presenters, it’s even more important to schedule time for them to connect with our Control Room, get familiar with the process, test links, and work with one of our Digital ASM’s to ensure they have an ideal recording environment. Generally, fifteen to thirty minutes is all they need.
  • Remote producers and show callers, we recommend some time to get acquainted with the virtual system and feel comfortable both on comms and the Multiview. Thankfully our setup is really intuitive and easy to access, so it does not take long to get accustomed. We can share any level of the event, in-studio or remote, through our online Multiview, so clients and show callers feel comfortable and have full visibility of the event both before and during show. Our team makes the entire experience as seamless as possible, keeping you connected throughout.
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