Infocomm 2019: Innovative Tech And How It Will Captivate Your Audience

Infocomm 2019: Innovative Tech And How It Will Captivate Your Audience

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Focused on the pro-AV industry, InfoComm is one of the largest trade show events in North America. Thousands of exhibitors gather each year to showcase new technologies and ideas, this time ranging from innovative Direct-View LED, to AR experiences, and even some very stylized projection mapping. Several of our employees attended the event to see what innovative trends are coming to the market. Here are just a few of the exciting event technologies that we experienced.


LED was the theme this year with a large portion of exhibitors showcasing new ways to experience their technology. Even companies widely known to be experts in projection were on site with their LED products. With the market for LED becoming increasingly competitive, we can expect to see many exciting innovations in the field.

NanoLumens Curved Digital Signage

NanoLumens’ Nixel Series™ Displays were catching glances left and right, especially their sleek LED tunnel. While many companies are specializing in flat panel display systems for their LED products, NanoLumens’ displays can be built to any size, shape, or curvature, giving you more value when it comes to participant experience.


Ledblox by Darklight is a unique system of flat-panel LED displays that are perfect for exhibits and creating visually stunning components to your LED content. These panels are fully compatible with the modular aluminum frame systems and woodwork, allowing for exciting ways to not only design your content, but the arrangement of the panels in a visually engaging way as well.

PixelRobot 3D

Showcased by FantaLED, this impressive display of Kinetic LED was incredibly unique. The display combines Kinetic LED similar to what has been seen at MIT, and flat-panel LED to create an experience that truly shows just how far creativity can go. The eye-catching modular design can be built into a variety of different sizes for seamless visual effects.

Projection and AR

While many projection companies have started to expand into LED, that doesn’t mean the industry is done with projection. Along with augmented reality, projection was a focus for several exhibitors. Recent advances in both areas have allowed for truly immersive experiences to be created, ensuring that the audience engagement is at its highest level yet.

Pansonic – Living Van Gogh

Panasonic used one projector to create an art exhibit that not only gave one a view of classic masterpieces, but also rendered the viewer in the same artistic style on display. Interactive technology has grown increasingly popular in the events industry, and this has led to some very exciting ways to immerse attendees into the events and make them feel like they’re a part of it.

Mechdyne AR

One incredibly stunning exhibit showcased a fully captivating AR experience using specially designed glasses that could track eye and head movement. This technology allowed the viewer to do a variety of things, from working with 3D renderings in real time to viewing a completely 3D environment with full perspective immersion.

Optoma Projection and Mapping

Optoma showcased several of their new products including the ProScene ZU860. This projector has an impressive 8,500 lumen WUXGA laser and is compatible with multiple interchangeable optical lens options allowing for any installation need. The ZU860 was on display with impressive projection mapping, showcasing the crystal-clear functionality of the technology. This exhibit also showed a new way to incorporate engaging digital scenery that could liven up any event space and even be incorporated off stage throughout the room. See an example of something similar we’ve done.

Outside the Box

K-Array Rail LED

K-Array has combined its innovative audio with high-end lighting technology in the form of the Rail, a 1.2-meter line of warm, homogeneous linear LED lights with a full-range cone of drivers. Uniquely disguised within the linear lights, the full-range speakers have no need for subwoofers if being used for background music in small rooms but are commpatible with their subwoofer lines when you need to extend the low-frequency. With several available mounting options, the K-Array Rail system is perfect for lighting an event while keeping your audio system discreet.

Martin WPS Optimized Line Array

The WPS is a versatile, state-ot-the-art line array with a peak SPL of 133dB and is designed for small-to-medium scale touring and install applications that require a high output array with reduced weight and footprint. With exemplary coverage consistency and superb sound performance, the flexibility of WPS makes it an ideal system for live sound reinforcement. 

With all of this new technology coming to the events industry, there is a lot to get excited about. Visual effects are making a huge statement both on and off the stage and we are thrilled to see what comes from it.

What trend or technology are you most excited about? Want to incorporate one of these at your next event? Contact your Alford Account Manager or contact us here and we will realize your vision.

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