Innovation Experience – Art of the Possible

Innovation Experience – Art of the Possible

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We held our most recent Innovation Experience, Art of the Possible, in August and hosted our guests through a tour of art and technology with a focus on immersive environments, interactive technology, and digital scenic. We wanted to create a relaxed environment where our clients could have fun, be inspired with new ideas or ways to wow their clients, and create memorable experiences for attendees.

With the speed that technology advances, the cool tech that’s available to the everyday consumer, and the never-ending distraction that cell phones are, it becomes harder every year to impress audiences and surprise them. While our clients’ role is to focus on the overall event experience and the content, ours is to execute the technology. We also feel it is our responsibility to keep our clients informed and educated on all the technology available, how it can be used, and not only what the current trends are in events, but especially what’s coming in the future. Our staff not only researched the latest technology to showcase, but also collaborated with both in-house and outside vendors to develop unique event elements that our clients could use or could inspire them to envision something completely new for their events. Here’s some of what we shared at Art of the Possible.

If you have any questions about the technology featured in these videos, would like to incorporate it into your next event, or would like to attend our next Innovation Experience, please contact your Alford Account Manager or contact us here.

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