Interactio – How to Streamline Your Audio Streaming

Interactio – How to Streamline Your Audio Streaming

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We are thrilled to introduce the Interactio mobile system. This system fully replaces audio streaming hardware for events, allowing streaming of any audio to listeners’ phones or tablets. The mobile app eliminates queues, allowing the audience to avoid standing in line to get traditional headsets for simultaneous interpretation or other audio streaming. Attendees simply download the Interactio app and press play on the stream. Now the audience can hear the audio stream using their own smart phones and favorite headphones, whether they are at the event or tuning in from across the globe. If the event includes live translation the interpreters can work on site or remotely. Interactio also eliminates needing additional personnel for hardware delivery, and equipment maintenance, making streaming audio to the audience more cost effective.

Main features of the Interactio mobile system:

  • One system that can stream audio via mobile data, Wi-Fi and call-in
  • Listeners can be anywhere in the world
  • Can be used for live translation at events and interpreters can work on-site or remotely
  • Customize with company logo, agenda, and descriptions
  • Statistics and full analytics after the event

For more information about Interactio, or to use it at your next event, contact your Alford Account Manager or contact

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