Intrigue Attendees with Interactive Video

Intrigue Attendees with Interactive Video

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Our new Interactive Video system allows us to easily create and manage a wide variety of interactive displays and digital signage for events. Some potential uses include game-style hands-on interactive experiences, on-stage scenic elements to draw attention to a presenter, or foyer/hallway/entrance displays that change signage to scenery and vice versa as attendees walk past to grab their attention before they reach their seats. Alford can customize the effects and combine them with additional graphics or video elements to deliver a unique effect for maximum audience impact.

Product Features

  • Engage attendees with interactive content that reacts to their movement and gestures
  • Present content to attendees that gives them an immersive experience 
  • Kinetic sensors allow attendees to engage with interactive content via projection, LED or monitors

For more information or to incorporate this technology into your next event contact us.

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