LDI 2018: What’s The Latest Tech?

LDI 2018: What’s The Latest Tech?

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For thirty years, Live Design International has hosted their conference and tradeshow for all varieties of event production professionals. This year, they hosted nearly four hundred exhibitors and over a hundred training sessions. Our Lighting Manager, Blake Taylor, Lighting Designers, Kurt Wunsch and Dominic Fanelli, and Director of Product Innovation, Dave Pooser, all attended this year’s event, discovering new ways to work, testing the latest gear, and continuing to learn all of the nuances of the industry. They have compiled a list of the technology that they’re excited about for the future.

1. Astera PixelTube- Titan Tube

We used an early version of the Astera PixelTube at our Innovation Experience, however, this new version of the Wireless LED Tube was made with the technician in mind. Designed specifically for photography and video, our clients will enjoy the crisp production value and high-end presentation. Featuring Tube Display for setting up DMX channels, Titan Tube also includes a new power charging station for multiple units. These tube lights can be configured to create an endless variety of uses including scenic, video shoot lighting, or event backdrops for Instagram.


2. Pangolin Laser Systems

Laser light effects are being used more than ever at live events, creating dynamic shows that engage any audience. This system was made to be accessible and cost effective for Lighting Designers, allowing them to add the rig as if it was another moving light. Enhance your stage performance with laser technology, sync your music to the beams and wow your attendees with a spectacular laser lights show.

3. grandMA3 Console

Our technicians currently run grandMA2 lighting consoles for our events. And now, MA has come out with a “radical re-design”, the grandMA3. The enhanced interface has a huge multi-touch surface that provides for faster programming. This console breaks the limitations of Local Area Networks (LAN) with the ability to access Wide Area Networks (WAN). The capacity and power of the hardware is way ahead of current requirements, allowing for future developments.

4. Verity Indoor Drones

Drones have quickly become a popular staple for large events, particularly outdoors. Now they’re even being used for indoor shows and Verity’s lightweight drones are perfect for the task. Design an interactive skit, enhance a performance, or entertain attendees with this exciting combination of technology and art. These skillfully choreographed drones can glow in the dark, pulse to a beat, and can even be decorated with additional apparatuses for a custom design.

5. Dazian Creative Environments

A welcomed alternative to the standard scenery typically seen on stage at events. With options for hard and soft solutions in multiple finishes, they’re great for creating scenic solutions that appear upscale, receiving light well and enhancing the production quality. Clients can choose from modular scenic elements such as terrain tiles, zips modular panels, and halo tiles.


6. Bloxl Scenic

Bloxl’s technology is so new, they don’t even have a functioning website yet. Bloxl’s scenic consists of transparent blocks that can be programed with different lighting displays and sequences. Our clients will find there are many unique solutions for scenic and lighting with Bloxl’s colorful display of tiles.

7. PixMob Portable Transmitter

Attendees will love watching how this portable and wireless wand allows performers to paint by illuminating the LED Pixels worn by the audience. PixMob transmitter can turn an entire crowd into a real-time painting for a unique live visual effect. Give your presenter or keynote speaker the wand and they can light up any section of the audience, engaging attendees in an interactive display of participation.

8. Robe Superspikie

A “bigger, brighter, and bolder” Superspikie now features a fast 360º continuous pan and tilt 250w RGBW LED luminaire. This compact fixture has a lot of functionality, including a 3.5º to 42º zoom, rotating gobos, and prism. Use as a scenic piece to create prisms or flower effects for a memorable touch. It’s  ability to be mounted in any position makes it very versatile for use in all types of mixed venues.


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