LDI 2019: New Lighting Innovations Are Upending The Event Tech Industry

LDI 2019: New Lighting Innovations Are Upending The Event Tech Industry

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The event tech industry is bursting with new technologies and innovations. These new developments debuted at LDI 2019, the leading conference and trade show for live design professionals from all over the world. Backstage has the first scoop on what AV professionals are saying about the show with guests Blake Taylor, Lighting Services Manager, and Aaron Walters, Lighting Service Technician, at Alford Media.

Event technology is innately attention-grabbing, but the designs at LDI were both riveting and intriguing. Taylor and Walters noted the resurgence of throwback styles and retro lighting apparatus’, now powered with the energy-efficiency of LED. These stylized lights are finding popularity not just from the light they produce, but from the fixtures themselves, which often play a part on a set for film, tv, or theater.

Walters remarks on the LED curtains, a mappable, series of lights chained together via hardware. Similar to a video wall, the larger LEDs are an interesting feature for unique set design. “Chunky,” older hardware is finding new life with LEDs while delivering rich light, longer and more efficiently.

Overall, the two lighting specialists agree that the event technology industry is working together to significant effect. Operators, designers, and programmers are asking each other questions, sharing data, and welcoming input from manufacturers. This sense of collaboration ultimately leads to creating product users want.

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