Lighting Trends With Modern And Retro Twists At LDI 2019

Lighting Trends With Modern And Retro Twists At LDI 2019

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LDI is one of the leading conferences and tradeshows for live design professionals from all around the globe. LDI hosts over 14,000 members of the production community, working in a wide range of international live and broadcast venues – festivals, corporate events, theatre, concerts, clubs, theme parks, architainment, and houses of worship. Alford Media sent four attendees this year, Blake Taylor – Manager of Lighting Services, Kurt Wunsch – Lighting Designer, Aaron Walters – Lighting Service Technician, and Dave Pooser – Director of Product Innovation. These are the main trends they saw within lighting.

Retro Is New Again

We’re seeing several products that have a nostalgic feel, but with 21st-century tech and efficiency. Some of these include:


Clay Paky’s REFLECTXION – Decades ago, when moving lights combined high price with more limited performance, moving mirrors were a lower-cost alternative to enable flexible lighting configurations and faster beam motion. Now Clay Paky introduces a new tool for lighting designers to expand on their creativity called REFLECTXION, the next generation moving mirror. REFLECTXION can redirect beams of light from any stage light with the same intensity as it receives them. The unit offers 540° PAN and unique, continuous TILT movement at adjustable speeds. Furthermore, the REFLECTXION’s mirror is the same on both sides giving you two highly reflective surfaces with which to direct light beams.

Robe Silverscan

Robe SilverScan™ – Another old-school alternative to moving heads was a fixed light with an integrated moving mirror system. Now Robe combines current LED technology for compact power with super-fast, accurate mirror movement using their new patent pending positioning system, in the new bright and colorful SilverScan. The 350W white LED light engine, producing over 9000 lumens, gives an extra punchy beam with an even flat field and an incredible 20.000 hours of operation. Smooth color transitions and fixed vivid, radiant colors can be applied from the CMY mixing system and color wheel, with 7 rotating or 9 static gobos included for projections or mid-air effects.

Portman Lights P1 Retro

Portman Lights P1 Retro Lamp – Portman Lights’ retro line of large sources are a throwback to incandescent lights with a sleek new look. The P1 Retro Lamp boasts 7 DMX channels, built-in dimmers and electronic kit, and 7 x 230W halogen lamps. These can be easily installed on a tripod or hang on a clamp, allowing for use as a part of the scenery or as a strong light source.

Lasers Are Easier Than Ever To Incorporate Into Events

Laser technology was also in full effect this year with products like:

MinuitUne IVL Square

MinuitUne IVL Square – The form factor of this fixture is drastically different from anything else on the market– think old school record player combined with a laser mirror system. The Square is the first laser-illuminated lamp and creates large immersive light shows from its 4 directive mirror light plans. Each plan is adjustable at a 180° angle to create stunning perspectives when combined together, and the light plans of each Square can be cut into 1, 2, 4, 8, 15, 32, 64, 128, or 256 beams. Perfect for use as LEDs or Lamp lighting fixtures, the Square is programmable with any DMX console Since it is classified as a class 3R fixture no variances are required, and it can be used in an unsupervised area.


Clay Paky Xtylos – Osram and Clay Paky have brought a first to market laser light source profile. Includes multiple gobo and prism effects with very quick color effects. The laser source is located in a sealed module that lasts for 10,000 hours with each color only consuming 100 watts of power. There is no shortage of output in the saturated color ranges. The range of effects features two gobo wheels – with 7 rotating and 12 fixed – a wheel with 3 prisms, and a sixteen-facet prism on a dedicated channel which can be overlapped with the prism wheel. Being the first moving headlight with a laser light source, this opens up new, surprising prospects for the development of the entire entertainment lighting world.

Software Advances

BlackTrax Real-Time Tracking System – BlackTrax is continuing to grow as a true integration product across all staging elements. With the ability to track presenters and objects with light, sound, and media in real-time this really is a game-changer for events and production. We were excited to showcase BlackTrax at our Innovation Experience – Art of the Possible this past August and noticed the immense difference 3D sound creates for audiences. As they are increasing the software’s ability to interact with performers and virtual objects in large 8k environments we can’t wait to incorporate video elements.


AV Stumpfl Pixera Media Server – The Pixera Media Server has a simpler user RUI that looks to make operator use even easier. The built-in previz is great for sharing the user’s event tech designs with clients and allows for faster collaboration on their shows. It includes a large database of products that can efficiently and accurately show dimensions of screens or LED and how content will appear on them. If this pre-pro aspect isn’t enough, it also speeds up set up time with the ability to send the pre-designed dimensions and aspect ratios to projectors and LED allowing for faster builds and calibration of video elements. Pixera is an open-source platform for simpler use of other content creation software, tools, and devices. The increased flexibility makes Pixera very attractive to creative designers and video engineers.

Drone Displays


Intel – Intel’s 300 drone outdoor show was insanely precise in execution. Even with all the Vegas night sky light pollution, the show was highly visible. The drone show included the LDI theme logo with the color wheel of the logo rotating in color that was jaw-dropping.

Verity Studios – Verity Studios had a booth showing their drone outfits to add some variety to their core business of indoor drone shows. Unlike the 2018 LDI show, this year they weren’t actively executing multi-drone shows on the floor.

SPH Engineering and UVify –  SPH Engineering and UVify offered an alternative approach to drone shows; while Intel and Verity provide the software and the drones for their shows, SPH was offering their hardware-agnostic Drone Show Software and shared a booth with UVify who were showing their IFO drones.

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