Live, Hybrid, & Virtual Event Solutions for Schools & Special Events

Live, Hybrid, & Virtual Event Solutions for Schools & Special Events

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There’s been so much change in the last year but regardless of what’s going on in the world there are some events that need to happen, especially once in a lifetime events, like graduations and celebrations. Even through the pandemic, schools have been at the forefront of staying connected and continuing their scheduled events. While they may look a little different, they’re still happening. Alford Media has several event solutions for schools and special events to support live, hybrid, and virtual needs.

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Alford Media has a long track record of working with educational, non-profit, and special events. From Centennials, to graduations, and holiday productions, we can support all of your audio, video, lighting, and virtual event needs. Some of the hybrid, virtual, and socially distanced events we’ve supported through 2020 to now include:

Event Solutions for Schools & Special Events

  • Graduations
  • School Events
  • Holiday and Celebratory Productions
  • Entertainment and Live Concerts
  • Training Seminars, Conferences, and Internal Meetings
Alford Media Event Solutions for Schools

While social distancing and safety protocols may still be in place, we have some helpful advice when planning any of the above events to help meet these needs.

Best Practices for Planning In-Person & Hybrid Events

  • Planning your event at large and/or outdoor venues is still the best option, especially if you anticipate a larger crowd.
  • Quality speaker systems and large screens are crucial to creating a memorable experience that all attendees can enjoy together.
  • Consider live streaming as a virtual event. Even when you have a live in-person event, hybrid solutions are proving to give the best experience. This gives more family and friends the opportunity to join your event, reach a wider audience, and allow flexibility to your attendees.

Here at Alford, like so many, we can’t wait to all get back to our usual face-to-face meetings and events, but until then we have developed great event solutions for socially distanced, hybrid, and virtual events. If you’re planning for an upcoming event and would like a proposal or consultation, please give us a call or reach out to us in the form below.

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