More Power! Alford’s New 3×12 Amp Racks

More Power! Alford’s New 3×12 Amp Racks

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By – Matt Bishop

Alford Media’s audio department has recently made an addition that would even impress Home Improvement’s Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, MORE POWER!  With the acquisition of 60 Crown IT12000HD power amplifiers, Alford has made 720,000 watt investment in its sonic future.  However, tons of power is just the beginning of what these amplifiers bring to the party.  With a complete BSS digital processing section (based on the same technology used in BSS’s London network processors) the IT12000HD’s can shape, shift or swap that power to meet the requirements of the demanding environments that Alford works in.

Another new feature found in the IT12000HD is complete control, monitoring and even audio connectivity via Ethernet.  Crown/Harmon HiQ Net software will allows the engineer to configure and control massive systems via PC, simplifying both the integration and operation of our PA deployments.  The same Ethernet network can also distribute audio signal throughout the entire system via the integrated Cobra-Net link.  Put three of these amps in a rack, add a custom designed connection panel and you have one of the most flexible amplifier solutions available, the Alford 3×12 amp rack.

Mike Fratus and John Caswell working on building the new amp racks and then testing them out before being deployed on show site.


Although purchased as a replacement for the current Vertec racks, the flexibility of the processing and the connectivity on the 3×12 racks has created a tool that can be used in a wide variety of applications.  The 3×12 amp rack is capable of pumping its massive output into everything from the powerhouse Vertec 4889 to the venerable M2b.  Delivering jaw-dropping power and all of the required processing to 6 sections of passive speakers, 3 sections of bi-amped boxes or 2 sections of tri-amped speakers; make the versatility of the 3×12 amp racks almost unmatched.  All of this allows Alford to get the most out of our current speaker inventory while preparing us to add new products without major re-tooling.  Although the initial allotment of amplifiers are primarily intended for use with Vertec systems, it probably won’t be long before 3×12’s show up to power bi-amped VRX systems or processed subwoofer arrays on a show site near you.


Going forward, the 3×12 rack is the new standard for amplifier racks at Alford Media.  With earth shaking power, mind bending DSP and unrivaled versatility; the 3×12 rack will form the foundation of Alford Media’s commitment to audio excellence for years to come.  We are currently working on a series of informative videos that will help both staff and freelance engineers understand the capabilities and operation of this wonderful new tool.  Topics will include the connection panels, networking, and software management just to name a few.  We look forward to deploying this amazing new tool over the next few months, we’re sure you’ll hear, and probably feel, the difference.


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