Press Release: Riedel MediorNet now at Alford Media

Press Release: Riedel MediorNet now at Alford Media

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Alford Media is excited to announce the purchase of 4 Riedel MediorNet Modular frame systems. MediorNet is currently used in TV production, and events such as the Red Bull Air Races, Formula 1, and the X-Games. Alford Media is the first company in the live events industry to integrate this technology on show site.

What is MediorNet?

Riedel’s MediorNet products are all about integration. MediorNet is the only fiber transport platform for all types of signals, including:

-Multi channel video and SD, HD, HD-SDI

-Multi channel audio

-Camera control data



MediorNet Modular frame: A customizable frame in which all connectors can be rack mounted to the technician’s preference, including type of connector within various positions
Node: The term within the software for a point of intersection/ connection within a network

Why do I need it?

Organization and value. MediorNet provides a true real-time media network, but at the cost of simple multiplexing point-to-point products.

How will MediorNet improve my show?

Currently all departments run their own systems, which has its advantages– and disadvantages. MediorNet creates a single, high quality, more powerful system that can handle a multitude of signals. It also reduces the amount of cable needed at an event, saving time and money. It has two power supplies and a backup battery, ensuring that this system will keep working even when the world around you does not. In addition, MediorNet operates on an independent cyclical configuration. Meaning, if one fiber or node goes down the remaining systems stay completely operational. This flexibility and power will improve the quality of service.

MediorNet is not limited to point-to-point links. Anything fed into any node on the frame can be taken out of any other node on the frame. The topology of the system is completely customizable.

Point-to-point: Defines input to output connection
Multi-point: Allows for multiple points of connection. For example, from a single input to multiple outputs

MediorNet guarantees maximum bandwidth and real-time distribution by using all available nodes in the system. The modular frames allow custom configurations to accomplish the specific goals of each event.

How does MediorNet point to the future?

Industry standards have steered the move to fiber transport for some time. The MediorNet mainframe allows us to continue with fiber signal transport, but takes that process to a whole new level by integrating audio, video, lighting, and comm signals into one fiber system. Point-to-point and point to multi-point processing signals are possible, and are processed internally.

For more information on how MediorNet can power your next show, checkout, or call Alford Media Services at 800-554-9144 for personal assistance.



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